{"shows": [{"name": "#InstaFamous: How to Become Famous on Instagram", "year": 2013}, {"name": "#StarShow!", "year": 2015}, {"name": "101 S\u00e4tt att \u00e5ka ur en gameshow", "year": 2011}, {"name": "101 Ways to Leave a Game Show", "year": 2011}, {"name": "2 Girls, 1 Cup: The Show", "year": 2008}, {"name": "2 Shot the Show", "year": 2012}, {"name": "3-Minute Game Show", "year": 2007}, {"name": "5 O'Clock Show", "year": 2006}, {"name": "50 Jahre ZDF - Die gro\u00dfe Jubil\u00e4umsshow", "year": 2013}, {"name": "A Crazy Leo Show", "year": 2013}, {"name": "A Horrorshow", "year": 2014}, {"name": "A Kinda Sketchy Show", "year": 2013}, {"name": "A Legitimate Television Show", "year": 2016}, {"name": "A Pin to See the Peepshow", "year": 1973}, {"name": "A Show Called Fred", "year": 1956}]}